Monster Energy Supercross round 12 has arrived in Arlington for the third consecutive meeting at the AT&T Stadium in Texas, and we’ve got an expert track analysis for you from British Supercross racer Steven Clarke.

“We start off with a nice long start straight heading into a left-hander, makes it great for braking as you can keep your foot on the back brake pedal,” explained Clarke.

“Next I’d triple onto the table, off, triple into the turn, then its a step up, step on step off, then a single jump, heading into right hand turn into a nice decent set of whoops.


“Across the start straight, into your left hander, then I’d go triple, triple, triple, into your left hander again, Supercross triple into a nice sand section, which is always interesting. Then into a tight right, and across the finish line, Looks a pretty straight forward layout this week.”