Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Cameron Mcadoo continued his winning streak into last night’s round twelve of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship in Arlington, Texas.

Mcadoo discussed in the post race press conference his nights racing and also, the decision made by the AMA to issue a 30 point penalty.

“I know I didn’t think I was I mean and the racing incident, when you’re in that moment, I got back going and to make it to that corner after the whoops, I felt like there was some guy standing there. I’ve already had an incident this year with with running into a medic, So like, that’s not what I wanted to do.”


“I went across you know obviously and I maybe could have cut less track off, then I when I rejoined the track, technically, I rejoined the track in front of those other two guys even though I did check up in the corner afterwards. When I rejoined the track, I was in front of those guys. So it didn’t matter what I did, whether I let them by me or not, so I thought I was doing the right thing by doing that.”

“Yes, I could have gone slower, and you know, not accelerated as much. But yeah, it was tough to take those three points last and especially after being frustrated with myself on making the mistake, I didn’t even put myself in that position. But yeah, I mean like I said they they explained the reasoning behind the 30 points that they were going to do. You just have take it on the chin and that was what we did focus on tonight Tuesday night on and that was kind of it was an unfortunate thing.”