Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Seth Hammaker has shone in the west coast Supercross series, really getting to grips with his machine and following his team mate Cameron Mcadoo to some great finishes in Arlington.

“After the whoops you come across the start straight and then I was making a pass on the inside and kind of slipped going up the face of the jump and actually almost wrecked myself,” said Hammaker, speaking at the track.

“I think it was quite a shock was compared to the outside, I think Harrison (Muc off Honda’s Mitchell Harrison) jumped into the back of me because I made the mistake and then I felt it happen and then I didn’t know what exactly it was then, but I heard my bike just kind of get quiet and loose. I lost a little bit of power but nothing crazy.


“I just had to kind of shake that off and just kept kept doing the laps and at least it wasn’t too damaged to do any harm or anything like that. But yeah, it’s unfortunate. sucks for both of you go down like that, but It’s a racing incident.”