HRC Honda’s Hunter Lawrence scored his first 250SX podium last night at round ten of the Monster Energy Supercross in Arlington, giving himself a much needed confidence boost.

Talking about his night and his previous struggles, Lawrence said: “It’s pretty cool to be able to prove yourself right and keep believing, when you believe in yourself for so long, you know no one believes in you more than you believe in yourself, you keep telling yourself you can do it, but when that’s not happening, it’s mentally chipping you down.

“So to push through that time obviously last year when Jett was doing really well, and I was just struggling with my body and injuries it was just never ending, so that took a big toll on me and we just dug deep and pushed through it and even two months ago I wasn’t doing the whole Supercross track after coming back from that shoulder surgery after the outdoors, so the progression rate is pretty steep at the moment every time I get on the bike I feel more comfortable.”