Feld Entertainment is getting some heat after a raft of complaints from riders who raced at San Diego Supercross and were left with some very painful burns.

Supercross stars have been taking to social media to express their concern and in some cases, anger after a drying agent that was put into the dirt in San Diego wreaked havoc with both their bodies and bikes.

Tyler Bowers wasn’t too happy. He wrote on social media: “Soooo are we going to do something about these chemical burns on our bodies and our destroyed bikes or we just going to act like nothing happened?” Adding: “Because now I look like I have leprosy and I have to literally scrap my bike. Lime will not dry up a track that is already a full pond. Just destroys all of our equipment and now the riders.”


As Tyler mentioned, equipment has been hit too with privateer Bubba Pauli complaining that he had three bikes wrecked.

The most high-profile rider to complain about the pain of the burns was Ken Roczen. “Me and other riders had problems with getting burns and rashes from the lime,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s so bad that I can barely sit today for real! Nipples are pretty much gone too lol. This sucks.”

The American Motorcyclist Association has now responded with a short statement, as follows:

The American Motorcyclist Association is coordinating with AMA Supercross Championship promoter Feld Entertainment to identify riders and equipment that may have been affected by track conditions at the Feb. 2 event at PETCO Park in San Diego.

“The well-being of our members is a top priority of the AMA,” said AMA Chief Operations Officer Jeff Massey. “AMA staff is monitoring the situation and working directly with Feld Entertainment as its representatives contact individual riders to assess the extent of the impact.”

We’ll update here when we here more on this.

Update: 06/02/2019 11:00: Feld Entertainment has released a statement. They say they are reaching out to riders that have been affected by skin irritation from the lime and that safety is their top priority.

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