CBD product sponsorship has effectively been outlawed by the American Motorcyclist Association until further notice.

The CBD advertising/sponsorship ban means athletes that compete at AMA events will not be permitted to race with logos or other promotional displays on their person, their uniform, their gear, or on their bike.

British Supercross ace Dean Wilson has received a lot of attention since announcing a personal sponsorship deal with Ignite CBD, mostly due to being required to cover up the company logo at Supercross events.


Then last weekend, JGR/Yoshimura Suzuki’s Chad Reed rocked up in Minneapolis with the cbdMD logo on his lid and was able to race with it on display – eagle-eyed fans called foul.

The good folks over at Racer X have a fine explanation as to why Speedy Reedy was able to do that and you can read it here.

Up steps the AMA to put an end to the inconsistency – CBD is out.

And until legislation is clear on this and likely that means across the US, it’s not coming back.

Here’s the AMA statement in full:

Due to the ongoing issues arising from CBD Product sponsorships, we are providing the following notice to riders and their teams.

– The law regarding CBD products, including their lawful sale, possession, advertising, and sponsorship of them, is unsettled. Notwithstanding the change in federal law in December 2018, there are no federal regulations in place yet on how these products can be advertised or promoted. CBD and related products are not completely legal in all 50 states and there are various restrictions on their sale and promotion.

– Signage or promotional displays for CBD-related products will not be allowed in the pit areas.

– No rider will be allowed to race with logos or other promotional displays on their person, their uniform, their gear, or on their bike.

– The AMA will be enforcing this at inspection points and at any other time a violation is brought to the attention of Feld Motor Sports or the AMA. Riders will be required to cover or remove any logo before being allowed to race and at no time during the event are the display of CBD-related logos permitted. Failure to comply with this will result in a rider being removed from a race or denied entry.

– In addition, sanctions may be applied pursuant to the AMA Supercross rule book for any rider who violates this policy.

– This will remain in effect until further notice.

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