It’s been a quiet month for Malcolm Stewart. With no US Outdoors racing for the popular American he’s had plenty of time on his hands. So what’s a fast rider to do with idle hands?

Well, how about heading to Europe? After all, Malcolm always gets a warm welcome when he hops over the pond.

And that’s just what the former 250SX East Coast Champion is doing later this month as he visits Italy.


We hear he’s making a visit to Gaerne during the same week as the FIAT Professional FULLBACK MXGP of Lombardia at Ottobiano in Italy on June 25, where he’ll take a tour of the factory and attend a presser.

While there’s no word on Mookie racing at the MXGP, or even attending for that matter, there’s certainly no shortage of fill-in positions the 24-year-old could walk into and it would be great publicity for Stewart Racing if he chose to take up a guest ride on his RM-Z450. He could even run his 2017 AMA number #47 without having ‘G’ slapped on it.

We can dream, can’t we?