2013 brought new challenges for British motocross star Stephen Sword. A deal with Honda UK, linked to a position as head coach at the newly formed Dave Thorpe Honda Off-Road Centre saw Swordy revert back to racing in the UK in his favourite MX2 class while juggling his mx coaching and trials and enduro days in Wales.

“This deal all tied in nicely. I would be able to train and race and work, riding bikes pretty much all the time,” said Steve.

He added: “Dave [Thorpe] made me a great offer to be part of his new team and I jumped at the opportunity”.


At the Dirt Bike Show last year everything was sorted out and Steve, together with DT put together the finishing touches to what was to be a “starter year” for Dave’s new company in association with Honda’s new off-road venture.

“Honda wanted to create their own, exclusive, off-road centre to be a conveniently positioned venue where this mighty Japanese company could promote their off-road range and brand it in their own professional way,” said Steve.

He continued: “I was pleased to be involved. Truthfully, no-one really knew how it would all pan out but here we are in April and we are all so busy I really have to make a decision right now about how we are going to keep up with the demand?

“In an ideal world, I would have liked to finish this season but right now something has to give and I think now is the right time to switch focus and devote 100% of my time and effort to this new project and wind down my racing career.

“This is not a particularly difficult decision for me or my family, it is a slight change to my weekly routine which has been pretty much the same for the past fifteen years, but it will be a relief not to have to try to cram everything in and try to compete at the weekends.

“There are so many good, young up-and-coming riders right now in the UK, I also want to do some more work with those guys through individual motocross coaching at the off-road centre and as the enduro, motocross and off-road “taster days” become increasingly busy I just don`t have time to race and prepare as I need to.

“In due course I`m sure I will grab the opportunity to review my motocross career and of course there are so many people and companies I would like to thank for their help and support over the years, but for now I will be focussing on this new chapter in my life off the race track”.