For the last month Stefan Everts health has been a serious concern for his family and motocross fans as he fought a Malaria infection in an Intensive Care Unit at a Belgian hospital. Thankfully the family have released some positive news on his condition.

Everts’ family have reported some good news with his condition no longer considered critical, and although he is still in ICU he is not being sedated anymore.

Everts contracted Malaria – which is considered a serious tropical disease – while attending a charity event in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and since then the family have asked for privacy. Updates on the state of Everts’ health have not been forthcoming since the initial revelation.


The effects of Malaria on Stefan and the duration of the recovery is not known. “The Everts family wants to thank everyone for the many statements of support and the encouraging words,” the family said in a translated statement.

The family said they will provide an update again when there is a change in the 10-time world champion’s condition.

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