Stefan Everts has confirmed that after a further visit to the hospital he will undergo another amputation operation to remove some, if not all, of his only remaining big toe.

It’s the third surgery the 10-time world motocross champion will have to suffer after contracting the life threating Malaria infection in 2018.

The amputation surgeries have not come as shock to the 46-year-old motocross legend and he’s been pragmatic and optimistic throughout his ordeal. “I knew from the beginning that my toes had to be amputated,” he said. “I try to stay positive.”


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Speaking to Het Belang van Limburg about the surgery that is scheduled for next Thursday, Everts said: “It [the big toe] was swelling again when the doctors told me this week that I have to go under the knife again. Mentally that is very tough.

“Another operation, another piece of toe gone.

Commenting on only having a total of four toes left and possibly about to lose another one completely, Stefan, said: “[It’s] very dirty to look at my right foot. It looks like a grinding wheel has been used.

“Anyway, the top bone will come off.”

At this time Stefan doesn’t know if he’ll lose his entire big toe on his right foot. That will be determined by the surgeon and his team during the operation.

There are several options open depending on what is discovered, as Everts explains in graphic detail. “The doctors have explained to me that there are options: only the upper toe is amputated and they place a piece of skin over it.

“If the blood flow is not sufficient, then a vein will also be moved with it.

And another option is moving the toe to the other foot says Everts. “[The other option] the toe is attached to my left foot to get blood flow there. So it can be an operation of hours and I will only be able waking up knowing what option it has become. Quite a nasty thought. But I have no other choice.”

We’ll update further on Dirt Bike Rider once we get news of the operation. In the meantime, our thoughts are with Stefan and his family at this difficult and challenging time.

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