Electric balance bike Revvi will be introducing the Revvi Cup at the Airborne gunner Uk summer supercross event, at Cusses Gorse mx circuit on August third.

The Revvi Cup will be decided over two races on the Supercross track as part of the evening programme of racing between all the Pro Invitational and adult Expert and Clubman classes, so the young kids will really feel like stars in front of the fans.

“We’re genuinely chuffed to be working with Revvi on this,’ said Steel Hawk MCC’s Paul Oughton.


“We feel our Supercross is the ideal way to introduce new riders to the sport. With a Supercross track being shorter and not so rough it’s a great way to get kids out there having fun on balance bikes. Of course it’s nothing new, as most of us have seen they have done it at Monster Energy Supercross in America, but it’s new for us in the U.K and we’re pleased and honoured to be working with Revvi on it.”

“We need to get fresh blood into the sport and hopefully we’ll have a few riders doing their first ever race event with us and loving the whole experience enough to want to stay in the sport for the rest of their lives. We just want it to be special and fun for them and everyone involved, after all that’s what it’s all about for us and our reason for running our events in the first place. We’re looking forward to seeing a bunch of happy kids out there, who just might make friends for life.”

Revvi owner Don De Graff said “We are very excited to see the first Revvi cup event take place, Since Revvi was founded it has been our goal to get young children into riding. We hope this will be the first of many Revvi Cup events for young riders to enjoy, We are huge fans of supercross and motocross so it’s awesome to have the first Revvi cup at this event.”

The entry for Revvi Cup riders is just £15 and that includes a ticket for one adult. Riders need to be between three and six years old. Entries are limited with 8 spaces for 12” wheels and 8 entries 16”. They will race in the same moto’s but will scored separately. The young racers will have two races, one at approx 6pm and another at 7pm. In terms of riding equipment, Riders need to wear a crash helmet, gloves and closed shoes as a minimum.”