Introducing SHIFT MX’s first ENDLESS project: The Iceland Collection. The company says Endless represents the limitless opportunities from new products to new moments that will define the culture, to the endless places to ride a dirt bike.

SHIFT MX was inspired by Iceland’s black sand beaches, abundant glacial masses and grey overcast skies and it is reflected in the design of this gear set. But their inspiration didn’t stop at just colour.

More importantly, knitting in Iceland is a traditional craft that has shaped both the lives of locals and the culture that surrounds it. They incorporated this purpose-driven construction in a way specific and beneficial to moto. The end result, a completely redesigned 3LUE Label 2.0 chassis now utilises engineered knit in their jerseys and premium materials throughout the rest of the kit.


SHIFT MX says the Iceland gear set is as unique as the craft, the people and the island that inspired it.