One of the more unusual sights at the Grand Prix of Goias last weekend was an anxious Shaun Simpson cutting a tyre inner tube between the MXGP motos and using the rubber as reinforced strapping for his weakened left shoulder.

The Scot crashed in the first moto while trying to overtake Dean Ferris for fourth position and briefly displaced the joint. The Hitachi Construction Machinery UK KTM rider described the effect of the minor injury as “two bones grating together”.

Step in Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing Team Owner Jacky Martens. The former world champion, whose pit box was located next to the KTM crew, suggested an old technique of cutting and customising the tyre material to slip over Simpson’s arm and help support his shoulder. A few tweaks and holes later and the British Champion was ready to try and gain points in his battle with Steven Frossard for fifth place in the MXGP standings; a dispute that has still to be settled and with 10 points dividing the pain before the Mexican GP this weekend.


Simpson went on to take sixth place in the second Trindade outing. “I did the sighting lap and the shoulder didn’t feel too bad so that gave me confidence for the start of the second moto,” the representative Team GB for this year’s Motocross of Nations said. “I had it taped and inner tubed and all sorts. It was a bit of a ‘MacGyver’ [famous 80’s TV show about an inventive fixer] and it did the job really.”

“I’ve heard Jacky talking about using an inner tube before and he complimented me at the end of the race,” he added. “He said I was the first rider to actually believe him. Maybe I’m just stupid but it worked so I’m not complaining.”

“Most young riders would probably listen and then look at me like I was crazy!” the Belgian said. “I have a lot of respect for Shaun for taking onboard ideas and his sixth place was good work.”