Wilvo Yamaha’s Shaun Simpson has become a vlogger. The Scot has turned to creating a video diary to keep his fans updated on his recovery from his latest injury.

Simpson fractured his elbow and wrist in the Ottobiano Qualifying Race just weeks after busting his finger at Kegums. It was a tough blow for Shaun but he has kept his spirits up. “Stand up, brush yourself off, make a plan, work hard and come back once again. You can’t keep me down for long,” he said on Instagram.

Today, the 29-year-old uploaded what he says will be a series of vlogs that show fans what a pro rider has to go through as they recover from injury. From getting his cast removed to physio, and then getting back on the bike, Simmo plans to keep us all updated.


It’s something that we haven’t seen done before from a British rider, and if he keeps it going, should be a fascinating insight into the life of an injured pro rider.

Check out his first vlog below.