The folk over at Seven know how to get some serious Internet attention. Their latest social media post has the web all hot and bothered this morning after an intriguing Instagram post.

As you can see from the post below they’re teasing us all with a stunning-looking Honda CRF450R that’s carrying some striking Red Bull graphics and subtle Seven branding that strongly hints it’s a James Stewart steed.

“F1-SX RACECRAFT We Are Redefining Limits / / @therealjs7 The Future Is Now. Don’t Get Left Behind,” said the SevenMX Instagram post. You’ll note that they tagged James Stewart’s Instagram account and interestingly it was taken at Haines City, Florida, which you’ll all likely know is the location of the Stewart Compound.


What does it mean?

Well don’t expect Bubba to rock up at Hangtown, as cool as that might be, that’s not going to happen.

Perhaps after his break from racing, the fire still burns bright and he’s already working on a comeback at the MEC?

Another theory is he’ll be off down under in November for the AUS-X Open. But considering the issues from last time, that’s not likely.

Maybe the simplest explanation is the most likely. Just a great social media post from Seven. Time will tell.