In the days after the Grand Prix of Thailand an official visit was made to F1 and MotoGP Malaysian venue Sepang to examine the possibilities of MXGP soon joining the circuit’s roster of top motorsport events.

Delegates from Youthstream went to look at the site that would involve the Grand Prix track being constructed close to the current Karting layout and using some of the permanent infrastructure. It is unlikely that Grand Prix teams would inhabit the Sepang pitlane building as it lies too far from the planned location for the MXGP course.

A temporary housing like those seen in Thailand and Argentina would instead be used. Above all Youthstream staff commented in Neuquen last weekend that the willingness and professionalism of the Sepang organisation would make for a promising event.


Youthstream admitted that a deal to take MXGP to Malaysia is “50-50” for 2016 with the deal needing to be cemented before the end of May when the provisional calendar has to take shape and be presented to the FIM.

The Grand Prix promoters also commented that the polemic event in Nakhonchaisri for the third Thai event in the last three years was not without merits as the recent 2015 edition drew a crowd triple in number to that of the 2014 incarnation at the Si Racha facility.

Youthstream did admit that a return to the Thailand Circuit would involve amplification of the circuit to use more of the flat road racing complex and therefore extend the possibilities for the motocross track.

Sepang would be a natural replacement for the Thai Grand Prix if a deal in Nakhonchaisri cannot be reached.