As of now, this is only a rumour, but it’s from some trusted sources: Rumour has it that Yoshimura Suzuki’s James Stewart has gotten himself into some more potential hot water.

Having failed a urine test at the Seattle Supercross for having taken Adderall without the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) acknowledging receipt of a proper Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), Stewart’s immediate racing future is already up in the air.

The latest rumour is that a person went to the AMA/MX Sports credential area at Millville because they said they had misplaced their credential, and said that they were with James Stewart.


When asked what they did for Stewart, this person reportedly responded that they give Stewart IVs. Section 2.4 of the 2014 MX Sports/AMA National Motocross rulebook states the following:

Intravenous Hydration

a. At no time during the event may a rider receive any type of intravenous hydration, unless such hydration is deemed medically necessary by medical personnel as a result of an emergency medical situation (i.e., heat stroke) encountered by the rider during, or as a result of participating in, any practice, qualifier, moto race or other activity in the event.

b. Once a rider receives such hydration during the event, the rider will not be permitted to compete in any further event activities, including but not limited to, any further practice, qualifier, moto race or other activity in the event, unless and until the rider is released by the medical personnel who treated the rider for the specific emergency medical situation at issue.

c. Any rider who receives medical treatment from the event medical director and where such treatment includes the recommendation that the rider be transported to an emergency medical treatment center, said rider shall be prohibited from competing or participating further at that event.

This person was told to talk to the race director and was not granted their temporary credential, and Stewart came from way outside the top 30 at Millville to land a solid seventh place in moto one. In moto two, the race was red-flagged because of a gate malfunction, and Stewart dropped out after reporting light-headedness before being scored for one lap.

Stewart also chose to sit out Washougal.