You’ve got to love a good rumour – here at DBR Towers we’ve started a few ourselves – but we took the time at the weekend’s Red Bull Pro National at Hawkstone Park to get the truth on two whoppers currently doing the rounds.

Rumour #1 was that Max Anstie has been given the old tin-tack from his ride with the CLS Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. Some of the less salubrious MX gossip forums have been claiming that the super-fast redhead’s been shown the door but Max was in full team colours at the weekend and had this to say on the matter…

“I’m going to be riding factory hovercraft team if you believe what you read on the internet,” he grinned. “Everyone seems to think they know what I’m doing when I don’t even know what I’m doing. It’s funny. I don’t really go on the internet that much so I don’t get to see it. But all the people who write on there don’t know me so how can they say this and how can they say that. I’m just getting ready for every weekend and trying to do my best.”


Rumour #2 concerned round six of the RBPN series that takes place next weekend at Desertmartin in Northern Ireland or rather, if you believed the trackside tittle tattle, that’s not taking place next weekend at Desertmartin in Northern Ireland.

Series promoter Matt Bates was quick to shut that one down.

“We’re going to Ireland 100 per cent,” said Matt. “Being honest the numbers aren’t great so we’re not in the best position but then we get a lot of people booking in in the last week so we’re definitely going to Northern Ireland whatever happens.”