Over the course of two days 17,000 lucky Freestyle Motocross fans watched as the top FMX athletes rocked the O2 Arena in Berlin for rounds three and four of the 2016 FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship.

And on Saturday night in the German capitol Maikel Melero continued his record winning streak at NIGHT of the JUMPs.

The night was opened by the German pilots motivated by bad luck from the day before with one making it to the final. Hannes Ackermann showed a solid run despite his ongoing shoulder injury inhibiting his normal performance. However it was the younger brother, Luc Ackermann who helped the Berlin crowd erupt early when he brought some of the biggest tricks in the game to his run including the Surfer take off to Tsunami Flip, the 360 and Flair to make it to fourth place and make it to the finals.


Remi Bizouard, Rob Adelberg, David Rinaldo, Maikel Melero and Petr Pilat would repeat their performances to make it to the top six as they did the day before.

However, it was Melero’s Flip-Deadsailor in his run that would surprise the judges and had him sitting in fifth place. A position the Spaniard didn’t expect after his previous nights win. Also the second Australian finalist from the previous day, Pat Bowden missed the final in seventh place. But he wouldn’t have been able to continue after suffering a shoulder injury on the landing of his first ever California Roll in competition. A bitter-sweet ending for the Aussie.

Due to the injury to the LifeProof Best Whip winner the previous night, Luc Ackermann who is Bowden’s training partner, would go on to take the win. The German whipped it hard on home soil narrowly in front of Remi Bizouard.

The final rounds began with Petr Pilat showing a near perfect run filled with a variety of Backflip Combo’s and also throwing in the Barhop to Steriliser landing.

Petr was the first rider on the Hot Seat but he wouldn’t stay there for long, with Maikel Melero requiring him to vacate his position immediately. Melero showed a flawless run with the Egg Roll, Double Grab Flip, Nac-Nac Flair and California Roll to finish with a near unbeatable 463 points.

The 18-year-old German started his run like a bull at a gate, showing the Flair, Surfer Tsunami Flip, 360, Seat Grab Flip and One-hand take off Tsunami and California Roll in the Double Up. He finished in fourth and narrowly missed the podium. This was also due to David Rinaldo showing a great run but missing his Backflip Combo in the Double Up which really hurt his score putting him back to sixth place.

Neither Rob Adelberg nor Remi Bizouard with their Egg Roll tricks and Body Varials were able to take down Maikel Melero. Both were satisfied with their positions and recognised that Melero was on the next level with his addition of two quarter pipes.

The young Spaniard not only won, he took his fourth World Championship victory in a row in 2016, but he also continued his record setting ways with eight NIGHT of the JUMPs events wins in succession.

In the World Championship overall standings, the Spaniard leads with 80 (maximum) points. In second place, Remi Bizouard follows with 70 points. The best German result so far is Luc Ackermann in sixth place and 39 points.

In the Maxxis Highest Air competition, Massimo Bianconcini again triumphed over the Spaniard Jose Miralles who was unable to make it past the power of Massimo’s four-stroke KTM for two straight wins in Berlin.

There is little time for training between events with the next World Championship event taking place on March fourth with the Swedish premiere in the Friends Arena in Stockholm. The Berlin fans will have to wait until February 4-5, 2017 before the next NIGHT of the JUMPs in the German capital.