Two Freestyle Motocross legends got a close look at the stunning Rub’ al Khali desert south of Abu Dhabi on their dirt bikes ahead of Friday’s season finale of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

The closest championship battle in the sport’s history concludes at the famous Corniche on the Arabian Gulf in Abu Dhabi.

US FMX pioneers, Ronnie Renner and Drake McElroy went on a jump and trick filled expedition of the world’s largest contiguous sand desert to warm themselves and Abu Dhabi up ahead of the fifth and final stop of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates on Friday.


Renner, a superstar of the freestyle world and a Red Bull X-Fighters expert, took McElroy, a freestyle motocross pioneer and legend in his own right – who is also one of the Red Bull X-Fighters judges – out into the Arabian Desert for a mind-boggling late afternoon ride into one of the world’s most beautiful deserts with its spectacular dunes and amazing reddish sands.

The Rub’ al Khali desert south of Abu Dhabi, which is part of the larger Arabian Desert surrounding it, is filled with imposing sand dunes of up to 250 meters high and spread out over an area that is 1,000 kilometres long and 500 kilometres wide.

France’s Tom Pagès and Clinton Moore of Australia will face off in a fight to the finish on Friday in the closest showdown ever in the 15-year-history of Red Bull X-Fighters.

Pagès and Moore are in a dead heat with 280 points each atop the World Tour standings. We can’t wait to see who comes out on top.