The Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2015 will mark the return of James Stewart to professional competition, the most highly-anticipated comeback ever in motocross. While the race this year will take place on the horse track rather than the drag strip at Fairplex, a look at the 2015 track suggests that the racing will be anything but horseplay.

The shenanigans kick off from an elevated start, as we have seen before in Supercross, to keep riders on their toes. Mellow, steep-faced doubles are the first features on the track, a toe-dip in the water that is Straight Rhythm. Throughout 74 features, and zero turns, riders will hit any and every Supercross-style obstacle that they can think of.


Speed checks are incorporated to slow racers down, essentially replacing the turns of a normal track, breaking the track down into separate sections. As we saw in 2014, whoever can get through the speed checks the lowest and fastest will have a huge advantage over his competition. While scrubs look cool, they are absolutely essential in this case. 

Variety is key at Straight Rhythm. Whoops, rollers, sand sections, dragon backs, tabletops and massive doubles all populate the 2015 track. This means riders like Ryan Dungey and Jessy Nelson will need to bring their A-game if they hope to have any shot at dethroning the likes of James Stewart or Marvin Musquin, neither of whom has ever lost a Straight Rhtyhm race. We’ll find out if they can keep that streak alive on October 10.

Super Slow-Moto: The “Bubba Scrub” with James Stewart