Red Bull Pro Nationals champion at his first attempt, Buildbase Honda’s super-fast Frenchman Nicolas Aubin is coming into the 2013 season fighting fit and determined to retain his MX1 #1 plate. We caught up with him for a quick Q n’ A session…

Q: How has your off-season testing and training programme been?

NA: “Very good. For the first time I had no injury to deal with during that period and that was nice to be able to train properly and regularly. I’m in the best shape ever to start the season.”


Q: You won the Red Bull Pro Nationals MX1 title in your first year – how important was it to you to win such a prestigious National title in your debut season in the UK?

NA: “It was very important for me to succeed in the Red Bull Pro Nationals. However, I realised that the competition was faster than I expected. It was not an easy win and I had to wait until the last moto. I’m really happy with that because the Red Bull Pro Nationals is getting stronger and stronger – it is definitively the growing series in Europe.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the series as a whole?

NA: “The series is very well organised – it is a small group of people but they are all very dedicated and open-minded. They are young and passionate. That brings a special atmosphere that is very friendly. The 2-stroke and the kids races are really fun to watch. The families are having fun, everyone is enjoying the weekend. Red Bull Pro Nationals events are always special and fun.”

Q: How important is it for you to successfully defend your title this year?

NA: “Of course I want to demonstrate that I didn’t win by just being lucky so I’m looking forward to proving that I’m the #1 there and I won’t let that #1 go away without fighting.”

Q: Last year it was just you on a 450 under the Buildbase Honda awning – are you looking forward to riding alongside Steve Ramon in 2013 and do you think you will push each other to ride faster?

NA: “It is always good to have a direct competitor with the same equipment but honestly I try not to pay attention to a single rider. When you are on the gate all of them want to beat you into the first corner so I’m trying to focus on myself, not on the other guys. Steve has great experience and he is a competitor that I respect more than any other.”

Q: How important is it for you to beat Steve?

NA: “I have a lot of respect for Steve – he was world champion but he is also a very nice guy, humble and a hard worker with an incredibly smooth style so having him under the same awning is a plus for me. By just following him – if you can – on a race track you can learn so much.”

Q: Who do you view as your main rivals in 2013?

NA: “As I said I don’t pay so much attention to the other riders – I believe my worst rival is myself as sometimes I lose focus and I can make some mistakes very easily. I’m fortunate to have Dave Thorpe watching over my shoulder so he can help me to fix my weak points.”