We understand that the recall is necessary in order to check the correct assembling of the fork’s piston rod and screw cap and ensure maximum operational safety, function and quality of the front wheel. Read on to check model details…

Husqvarna does not have any information on accidents resulting from the manufacturing defect described above.

Customers of affected and already distributed motorcycles have been contacted in writing by Husqvarna. Customers can also check online to find out if their motorcycle is affected. The recall information is available in the “Servicecheck” area of www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com and can be seen by entering the complete vehicle identification number (17 digit) and the ID number of the motorcycle´s delivery certificate.


The professional check of the front fork can be carried out by authorised Husqvarna dealers only. This check is completely free of charge and lasts at most 30 minutes.

The recall action affects the following 2015 models:

FC 250
FC 350
FC 450
FE 250
FE 350
FE 350S
FE 450
FE 501
FE 501S
TC 125
TC 250
TE 125
TE 250
TE 300