It was a tough call but cancelling the action was the only real option for the Red Bull Pro Nationals team on Sunday. Following a night of torrential rain they were left with no choice but to cancel racing at Canada Heights.

The RBPN at Canada Heights adds to a growing list of events called off due to Britain’s summer weather. While the track was arguably rideable for the adult pro classes, the infrastructure was badly waterlogged and Matt Bates, Managing Director of Red Bull Pro Nationals promoters Events 22, was forced to make the tough call to pull the plug on Sunday’s schedule.

“Canada Heights is a great all-weather track,” says Matt, “but the amount of overnight rain has wreaked havoc. We can scrape the top layer of mud off the track but where do we put it? Then there are the teams and spectators to consider – we’re not prepared to run an event where we have to tow people in and out of the venue. It’s a potential health and safety nightmare.


“To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. So much time and effort goes into planning a Red Bull Pro National and it’s not a decision I take lightly but I’ve been left with no choice.

“After pretty decent weather yesterday (Saturday) – and after checking the forecast from the Met Office – I was optimistic we’d be good to go today but sadly that’s not turned out to be the case.”

A decision on whether or not to rerun the event at a later date will be taken over the next few days. Advanced tickets purchased for the event will be refunded in due course as will Sunday’s rider entry fees.

More info on Red Bull Pro Nationals website