Motocross Legend Travis Pastrana has suffered multiple back and hip fractures after a serious base jumping accident whilst filming for a new Gymkhana series.

Posting on his social media, Pastana explained how much of a close call he had when his base jump went completely wrong.

“Filming for gymkhana last week. It was absolutely epic until it wasn’t. Super stoked on how the 83 Subaru GL Wagon handled and I think even @kblock43 is going to be happy with the proximity driving on this one. Multiple 100+mph 3rd and fourth gear corners less than a few centimeters from the outside and not a scratch on the car as of yet..”


“As for the stunt that got me here, I had the opportunity to BASE jump a very easy set up from a tall building with a big landing. Had the best in the business out here giving me the best advice but a series of unfortunate events led to me being in a bad place. Usually I shine when shit hits the fan, but it was me that “hit the fan” this time. I will make a full recovery.”

“Thanks for the well wishes. Sorry I will miss @raceofchampions with @jimmiejohnson but I’ll be watching you kick ass this year and hope to be your teammate in 23. Huge thanks to my mom who came down to help me. My wife who is such a strong woman and always holds down the fort when I do dumb things (and is here now with the kids).”

“To @subarumotorsportsusa and @thehoonigans for believing in me to be a part of this #gymkhana franchise (what we have so far is going to absolutely blow minds.. can’t wait to heal up for the final 2 days) still questionable if I make @snodriftrally / round 1 of the @ara_rally championships but I am optimistic. Probably have to use a catheter like @johnnyknoxville for a while.. all in all though, for as many bad decisions as I made under canopy, I’m happy it didn’t go worse. My thanks to the building owner.. we will make it look awesome.. And my apologies to the BASE jumping community for making it harder to have fun off awesome objects.”