HM Plant KTM UK teamsters Kevin Strijbos and Elliott Banks-Browne take five out of six moto wins at Lyng Brit champs shocker…

When I say shocker I’m on about the weather, the month of May should never be this cold and grey and especially not when there’s championship motocross involved, okay?



Anyhoo, the totally unclement conditions definitely don’t deter Kevin Strijbos as he takes his second Maxxis maximum this year by ripping apart the competition like The Bear attacks a bargain bucket of fried chicken. Behind the finger lickin’ good Flemish lion, Shaun Simpson ends up taking second overall with a 2-2-4 scorecard while STR KTM’s long-haired Latvian Matiss Karro goes 4-4-2 for third.


Hit n’ miss Dutchman Marc de Reuver, Bert Krestinov and Nez Parker round out the top six while Alex Snow, super-privateer Jamie Law, unlucky axle snapper Stephen Sword and two-time MX2 champ Carl Nunn are the best of the rest finishing seventh thru 10th.


While Mel Pocock tops the podium and increases his championship lead in the MX2 class you can’t help but think it should have been Elliott Banks-Browne who took home the lion’s share of points and prizes. However, a pair of crackin’ crashes in moto two ensure that EBB only matches his Canada Heights scorecard of a fifth and two wins while Pocock runs a dyslexic Dusty Bin-esque 3-1-2 to snare victory by a single point.


Samsung Yamaha’s Graeme Irwin bounces back from his Canada Heights no score to take third overall ahead of silky soft and oh-so fragrant French team-mate Steven Lenoir. Bry Mac’s fifth, local lad Lewis Tombs (on a The Baron Group Honda) is sixth while Nev Bradshaw’s a disappointing seventh as he fails to score in race two! Rookie Nathan Watson ends the day an awesome eighth ahead of Alan Keet and another newbie Ryan Houghton.


So three rounds in and what do we know? Well, Strijbos is gonna take some stopping in MX1, EBB’s gonna need at least a little luck on his side if he’s gonna catch Pocock and I should probably step away from the keyboard when I’m sleep deprived. It’s almost one am and I’ve been up since four – damn, I wish Lyng was closer. Ah goodnight!



MX1 Overall result

1 Kevin Strijbos (HM Plant KTM UK) 75

2 Shaun Simpson (Monster Energy Yamaha) 62

3 Matiss Karro (STR KTM) 58

4 Marc de Reuver (Lanes Kawasaki) 47

5 Gert Krestinov (MVR-D Honda) 44

6 Nathan Parker (STR KTM) 40

7 Alex Snow (Lanes Kawasaki) 37

8 Jamie Law (D3 Racing KTM) 36

9 Stephen Sword (Tyco Suzuki) 35

10 Carl Nunn (Stebbings KTM)

MX1 Series standings

1 Strijbos 206, 2 Simpson 175, 3 Karro 173, 4 Sword 136, 5 Krestinov 136, 6 de Reuver 117, 7 Parker 102, 8 Martin Barr 98, 9 Law 98, 10 Kristian Whatley 94


MX2 Overall result

1 Mel Pocock (Monster Energy Yamaha) 67 points

2 Elliott Banks-Browne (HM Plant KTM UK) 66 points

3 Graeme Irwin (Samsung Yamaha) 60

4 Steven Lenoir (Samsung Yamaha) 56

5 Bryan MacKenzie (Rockstar KTM) 54

6 Lewis Tombs (John Banks Honda) 38

7 Neville Bradshaw (Evo-Tech Stevens Honda) 29

8 Nathan Watson (PAR Honda) 27

9 Alan Keet (Dyer & Butler Suzuki) 27

10 Ryan Houghton (Buildbase Honda)

MX2 Series Standings

1 Pocock 185 points, 2 Banks-Browne 170, 3 Bradshaw 137, 4 Lenoir 137, 5 MacKenzie 130, 6 Irwin 111, 7 Nicolas Aubin 107, 8 Jordan Booker 97, 9 Tombs 77, 10 Stuart Edmonds 74