The lure of a Maxxis/BYC double-header proved too much on Sunday morning so I got up at four, snuck out the door and put the loud-pedal to the floor.

345 miles later – who’d-a-thunk driving through Drive-Thrus could add so many miles onto one short journey – and I arrived in Cornwall ready for a day of race action. And what a day it was!

The weather forecast for Sunday at Landrake wasn’t that good but somehow the rain stayed away during daylight hours and a cracking programme of race action – albeit a slightly curtailed one as it was just a little bit too muddy for the Autos to ride although you can guarantee that they were chomping at the bit like a pack of Scrappy-Doos – entertained all those fans who’d braved it and probably packed an anorak just in case.


I have to say that the team at Landrake did an awesome job of prepping the facility for the event and the RHL crew did their bit to make it a special day too. I must admit that I was a little bit sceptical about making the racing day even longer but as it turns out I was blown away by the talent on display.

The Big-wheel 85s were probably the highlight for me with the leading kids in that class lapping just as fast as the tail-end of the MX1 division – bonkers, huh?

All four championship motos were a little bit special and although they were a tad short on numbers the riders were all top-notch.

Both classes are packed with talent and it’s genuinely exciting to see certain youngsters having breakthrough rides and old favourites just doing mind-blowing things.

One thing is for sure and that’s that motocross is way better live than it comes across on telly or social media.

The sights, the sounds and smells are just sublime and make the five-and-a-bit hour journey worth every single second of discomfort that only a Renault can deliver.

Unfortunately for me, I’ll be resorting to my role as an armchair fan at the weekend – albeit one that’s stood-up in front of a big screen at the International Dirt Bike Show – as I’m unable to make the trip to Assen to see Team GB take on the world at the MXoN.

There’s been a wee bit of controversy about the team selection but I’m confident that our boys can do it. And even if they don’t I’m not gonna bag on them too much. Or am I? You’ll have to pop back for a nosey next week to see if I’m trustworthy or not…

The only negative thing about the Maxxis/BYC mega meeting in my mind was the fact that it clashed with the WESS round at Hawkstone Park.

Admittedly, I could’ve done Hawky on the Saturday and Landrake on the Sunday but I feared I’d have been sent packing with my bags on the Monday if I had done.

Regardless, these clashes just aren’t cool and I’d like it every event promoter in the world could check my Google calendar before committing to any dates for next year, please.

Speaking of clashes as well as it being the MXoN and IDBS this weekend, it’s also the Trials des Nations in Ibiza and the final round of the EnduroGP series in France as well as the British Sidecarcross championship season ender which means only one thing – next week’s TMX is gonna be packed with even more action than usual.

Catch you then…

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