Imagine a Yamaha YZ250 converted into a three-wheeler Rickshaw and thrown down the narrowest of streets in the most crowded markets in India.

Intrigued? So are we!

With the arrival of the first Monster Ultra shipment in the heart of India – a high octane chase like no other breaks out through the streets, rooftops, forts and skies of the City Of Lakes – Udaipur.


Black Ops Monster Team Agent (Played by Jackson ‘Jacko’ Strong) storms in on a mission to retrieve the first can of Monster Ultra – with two of India’s leading stunt bike riders – Babar and Akbar Khan, the Chaos Faktory parkour team and one of India’s most popular Television personalities, Taekwondo expert and Monster Ultra Ambassador, Arushi Dutta all hot on his heels in pursuit.

Jumping out of planes, tearing through packed market streets, backflipping dirt bikes and sprinting across the Indian city’s skyline is just a taste of how far this wild chase goes.

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