If you weren’t already super-stoked about the 2013 season – E22’s announcement today should get you there.

A little extra spice has been added to the inaugural Arenacross series with the announcement that 250s and 450s will be going head-to-head.

After a number of approaches from teams keen to enter the 2013 Arenacross series, promoter Events 22 has decided to allow 450Fs. Originally the Pro class was going to have a four-stroke upper limit of 250cc but this rule has now been relaxed to cater for riders who can only get access to a bigger-bore bike.


“I’ve been surprised at how many teams have contacted me wanting to field Open class bikes and I’m happy to let them mix it up alongside 250Fs,” explains E22 Managing Director Matt Bates. “What really matters is that we stick with running just the one Pro class remembering that we’re at such an early stage of development with the series and naturally things will change for the better of the event.

“But it’s clear to see that teams and manufacturers don’t have a surplus of bikes to dish out to riders so if you’re a 450 rider it’s not as simple as just pulling a 250 out of the workshop. I’m conscious to make sensible decisions that don’t leave the teams financially pressured or the fans short-changed of the best riders.”

So what’s going to be the weapon of choice – a rip-snorting Open class machine or a more nimble 250F? We asked famed fo-fifty fiend Gordon Crockard for his opinion.

“A 450 should not be deemed as being an advantage on an Arenacross track,” reckons GC. “The extra peak horsepower of a 450 over a 250 doesn’t get a chance to be used on the compact, jump-filled tight track. A 250 is lighter and easier to get stopped and turn sharply. I think the option of engine size should be left to the rider to decide which is best and I’m all for allowing 450s to enter the race.”

This should really open up the series to an awesome line up. This week has already seen three great riders sign up – we don’t know about you but we can’t wait to see what other riders will sling their legs come February 2013.

Will 450s have the edge over the 250s? Let us know what you think in the comments below.