To celebrate the cinema release of the movie Travis Pastrana’s mad-cap collective of fearless adrenaline addicts launched themselves into the record books two times with an amazing Guinness World Record breaking stunt, getting 16 FMX riders upsidedown in the air at the same time.

The stunt was performed in front of a live audience at The O2 in London and streamed live via satellite to over 500 cinemas across Europe. 18 international riders participated in the 30 minute spectacle, which saw their legacy immortalised by Guinness World Records.

The movie sees Nitro’s unique brand of action sports and entertainment burst onto the big screen in your local living room. It follows Pastrana and his tight-knit team around several world locations as they look to perfect their skills before taking on a sell-out show at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.


If you’re like me and you have an unquenchable thirst for dangerous man and machine activity then this movie could be for you.

Very early into the movie there’s a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek background given for each of the Nitro Circus team and although you do become emotionally invested with most of them, Travis never steals the show. And surprisingly the movie is better for it.

If there’s one Nitro team member that does steal the show it’s Streetbike Tommy. Perhaps a little cliche as the loveable fat guy – I always enjoyed it more when he’s involved in a stunt.

Although the movie does get a brief appearance from Johnny Knoxville it’s definitely no Jackass. For that reason Jackass fans may find it lacking. Nitro Circus the movie just can’t offer the modern slapstick stunts that the Knoxville franchise pulls off so well.

The film doesn’t glorify the crazy stunts or hide the consequences when they get it wrong. The cast do a good job of pointing out they can’t design stunts to go wrong on purpose in a Jackass-esque way – when Nitro get it wrong they could actually kill themselves.

I won’t give any spoilers here – I just hate that – but the stand out stunt was the attempt to drive a dirt bike across a swimming pool.

And for pure fun I would single-out the Angry Birds stunt – it looked like a lot of fun and perfect for Team DBR. I’ll be one of the Angry Birds while Mad Morris, The Bear and Sutt Dawg can suit-up as the piggies.

I’d like to recommend the full 3D experience but the review copy we received didn’t have a 3D option (send us the Blu-Ray Omniverse and I’ll add it to the review). But judging the movie as what it’s meant to be – a fun-filled, highly-skilled, adrenaline-pumping, insane and funny adventure it’s well worth a watch in plain vanilla 2D.

It will be available to own on 3D Blu-Ray and DVD on 25th March 2013 – note that the 3D version is only available on Blu-Ray.

Once you’ve watched the movie there’s a good chance you’ll want to watch it live. The good news is the Nitro Circus Tour is back for 2013 – sometime in November/December. We’ll let you know more as soon as we get it.