If you weren’t lucky enough to see the recent Nitro Circus Live UK Tour you have our sympathy but don’t sweat it because we can hook you up a pair of tickets to watch a special Nitro Circus 3D film screening at London’s O2 Arena on February 28 instead…

Nitro Circus 3D is a movie that’s so radtacular you’ll have to wear your helmet when you watch it so you don’t make a mess when it blows your mind! Although this redonkulous epic is headed to cinemas around the UK real soon we’re giving you and a buddy the opportunity to see it first as guests of DBR at a special screening in London’s O2 Arena on February 28. In fact we’ve got five pairs of tickets to give away which means each and every Dirt Bike Rider reader gets five chances to win in our exclusively online comps.

Comp now closed.