Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club are running a new outdoor Summer Supercross, with their aptly named ‘Airborne Gunner’ SX and have partnered up with the Tru 7 Group across all of their events supplying the lighting towers and equipment.

The Suffolk based plant hire and aggregates giants very much have their roots in off road motorcycling with owners Guy Nicholls and son, British championship and Crendon Fastrack Honda racer Jake Nicholls, having been involved in motocross for nearly thirty years. It’s through the Nicholls’ obvious love of motocross that the Tru 7 Group and Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club have a agreed a deal as Steel Hawk MCC’s Jeff Perrett explained below.

“When Julie, Paul and myself sat down and started Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club the first thing we discussed was ‘why?’. Why do we want to start an off road motorcycling events company? If we hadn’t given ourselves a decent answer to that we would’ve never even started. We all agreed that we wanted to lay on different type of events and put the fun back into the sport in a safe, approachable manner.”


“Of course, like any business we need it to work financially and we can’t be martyrs to the cause to the point it affects our everyday life and ‘other’ jobs and ends us costing us money. So we know the importance of working with people that see it the same way. From the moment I started speaking to Guy and Jake it was obvious that they can see our vision and want the same things and that’s why we’re excited and pleased to be announcing our partnership with them and the Tru 7 Group.”

“It’s not just the huge difference it’s going to make to us with all the help with equipment like machinery, lighting towers and generators, it’s more than that for us. It’s the fact that we’ll be working with a people and a company that want to see the sport evolve and flourish here in the U.K. We’ve presented all of ideas for future events to them and as fans of the sport they’ve given us positive feedback and encouragement to push on with them. That has given us even more reassurance that we’re heading the right direction and we’re very thankful and appreciative of their support going forward.”

“Fair play to them (Steel Hawk MCC), they’ve got some good ideas to make the sport that little bit more exciting and maybe attract a new audience, so we’re happy to support that,’ said Tru 7 Group Operations Manager Jake Nicholls who is excited about the potential of making a difference with Steel Hawk MCC.

“I think we need to think out of the box a bit more to try and get more people into off road riding. Don’t get me wrong, National and regional championship motocross is the real backbone of the sport but we’ve got to try and do more to get people into riding and racing and I think one off quirky events will definitely help, especially if some of them are in the summer evenings in the week like the Steel Hawk team are doing with a bit more razz to them and an easier format for the general public to follow.”

“I’m hopefully going to be back fit and healthy enough to ride some of them too. I’m looking forward them and we’ll support them with the Tru 7 group to make them a success.” 

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club’s ‘Airborne Gunner’ U.K Summer Supercross is at Cusses Gorse, Salisbury on Tuesday 3rd August with their ‘Rock it til Sundown’ Summer Motocross Classic at the same venue the following day, Wednesday 4th August.