Unfortunately Natalie Kane has announced today that she will not race this weekend at the Grand Prix in Teutschenthal, Germany for round five of the Women’s World Motocross Championship due to the ongoing effects of an injury.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery UK KTM racer was involved in a collision with another rider two weeks before the last Grand Prix while contesting a Swedish National championship event, in which she competes to keep race fit.

Natalie was diagnosed with concussion at the time, but was cleared by doctors to race the last Grand Prix in France, where she was still feeling the effects of the injury, although she did manage to post top six results.


“I felt strong enough to race in France and I wanted to keep in a chance for the title after being cleared to ride,” said Natalie.

Unfortunately with the blurred vision and light-headedness continuing, Natalie sought further medical advice with a specialist.

“The results were definitely not where they should have been and I still felt quite strange over the weekend, so I went to see a specialist in London to get looked at in more detail.”

Professor Peter Richardson, in London confirmed that Natalie, despite nothing being seriously wrong, still has fluid around the brain.

It has been deemed too unsafe for Natalie to race for both herself and her fellow competitors, especially as she is also at risk of second impact syndrome.

“Thankfully there is nothing really serious wrong, but the risk to both myself and other competitors is too high, as I still am feeling unwell and I haven’t been anywhere near a bike to train,” said Natalie.

This comes as a huge blow to the KTM racer, as she has taken podiums in all of the rounds this year except the last race in France, while she has also led the championship, receiving her first ever red plate at the Italy round of the series, and remained in contention for the Women’s World Championship title even after the last race.

The Irish lady is bitterly disappointed, “What can I say really. Gutted doesn’t even come close,” said Natalie. Adding: “Especially as the crash wasn’t my mistake, but it was just one of those racing incidents.

“That’s the championship over for me, and right now I don’t have much more to say other than I have to wait for the condition to improve before I can train or ride. I’m really devastated, as so much effort has been put into this. I’d like to thank everyone for their on-going support.”

Natalie should hopefully be fit enough to race the final round in the Czech Republic in the middle of July.

Team Manager of Kane’s team, Hitachi Construction Machinery UK KTM’s Roger Maggee commented: “Following Natalie’s crash in Sweden several weeks ago it was obvious that she was still suffering after-effects, which required further medical investigation.

“After a consultation with Professor Peter Richardson in London, he has recommended that she must rest for at least another four weeks before he examines her again to see if she can restart training and practicing.

“Natalie’s health is much more important than any race and, although it is a disappointment to her and the team as she is still very much in contention for the 2014 Women’s World Motocross Championship, her long-term well being is the the only subject that we are focussing on.”