The eighth round of the World Motocross Championship is at Villars sous Ecot this weekend for the MXGP of France – the home GP of HRC pilot Gautier Paulin.

Sadly it looks like it will be a difficult home GP for Paulin and his team-mates. A French publication ( is reporting today that three chefs from the HRC Team were found unconscious in the truck where they slept.

LeBigUSA reports that all three were transported by helicopter to hospitals in Strasbourg, Geneva and Lyon and it is thought they have carbon monoxide poisoning. The three chefs are understood to be in intensive care and are in critical condition.


Dirt Bike Rider will update when we hear more but in the meantime our thoughts are with the three support staff, the team and their families.

Update: Statement of fact from HRC

At 0930hrs on Thursday 28 May, three hospitality staff from Team HRC, the factory Honda team competing in the MXGP Motocross World Championship, were found to have suffered Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst sleeping in the team’s hospitality truck, as they always do when travelling to and from races.

They were subsequently airlifted to different hospitals in Geneva, Lyon and Strasbourg, to provide the best accessibility for each to hyperbaric chambers for oxygen treatment.

As of midday Friday 29 May, all three are continuing to receive oxygen treatment and are under constant medical observation. At this point, no prognosis can be reliably given by medical staff so more time is needed before their situations can be assessed. Owing to the subjective nature of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, this timeframe also cannot be specified at present.

An investigation is ongoing into the source of the Carbon Monoxide, and the authorities are in possession of the hospitality truck to conduct further tests and assessments and continue their investigation more thoroughly.

Team HRC will provide updates as and when available. The team will continue with its racing activities this weekend at the MXGP of France.