Ask any ’80s MX fan about Mugen Hondas and they’ll instantly wax lyrical about Johnny O’Mara’s US 125GP victory and a stack of sick hop-up parts for CR125s. But when the company ceased producing their awesome cylinder, head and piston kits back in 1991 the name kinda died off in MX circles although it’s obviously big business in other forms of motorsport including F1.

After a short-lived comeback to producing high power motocross parts in 2010, the name Mugen – which in English means ‘without limit’ – hit the headlines of two-wheel publications once more five years ago as they participated in the Isle of Man TT Zero challenge class for the first time. They’ve since gone on to great success, winning the race three times on the bounce, campaigning with their original bespoke EV bike, Shinden.

On the back of the achievements of Shinden, Mugen are now looking to make the next step in electric bikes.


They say that their goal is to bring the joy of electric motorsports to as many people as possible, and so they have changed direction with the development of the Mugen E.Rex, an electric motocross machine! And let me tell you, you’ve not seen anything of the like before.

The wonderfully crazy folk at Mugen have taken inspiration from the most famous of prehistoric icons, the T-Rex, and created an electric off-road racer.

The prototype “Mugen E.Rex” was introduced and displayed at the Honda booth for the 44th Tokyo Motor Cycle Show at the weekend and although we weren’t lucky enough to attend and witness the reaction of the crowds in person we can only assume they fell for it. I mean, dang! It’s off the charts mental looking.

If that was a graphic from a console game we’d just take the p*ss about it being totally unrealistic. But with electric bikes, I guess it opens it up to some radical looking rides, and the E.Rex sure is radical.

The Asaka-based company and Honda will now work together to explore the future potential around the world for electric motocross machines.

The team at DBR Towers will be keeping an eye this project over the coming months, so keep it locked to Dirt Bike Rider and we’ll keep you posted.