Dorset-based cleaning giants Muc-Off step up to save the planet…

There used to be a time when bike cleaners were so toxic they’d do more damage to the environment than good – and melt through your plastics n’all – but all that’s changed now with biodegradable sprays such as Muc-Off who are also actually going the extra mile to save our planet.



Basically they’re pumped to announce a new partnership with cutting edge conservationists Treems. Treems play a big part in the conservation of our world with their on going, credible and passionate mission to save trees across the globe.


Muc-Off has been on the trail for a company whose environmental values and actions match their own – and Treems determined, sustainable and enriching values do just this. The eco experts at Treems are actively halting deforestation daily with their campaign to save trees by connecting ecology and the economy.  


So, what does this partnership mean? Well, Muc-Off already make their products environmentally friendly and have a strong focus on their own business and their products environmental impact but now they have taken this one step further! A percentage of proceeds from the sale of every Bike Cleaner, Wet Lube and Dry Lube will be donated to helping protect tropical rain forest trees against deforestation – for a minimum of 20 years!!


“We wanted to take our eco fight to the next level and have a physical benefit that you can see and touch,” reckons Muc-Offs queen of PR Zhara Woods. “And what better thing to protect than real living trees!”


The goal of this partnership is to protect 3,000 trees within the next three years and you can check the progress on the real time tree tracker on Muc-Off’s website (link not available).


But why should we care? Trees store massive amounts of carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, help to form clouds and keep the water cycle active. They stabilize soil, give home to thousands of animals and donate fruits and shelter – basically they influence air, water and biodiversity. Unfortunately, the CO2 problem, deserting and the extinction of species brought our world out of balance. It already shows us signs of the imbalance and we can witness the resulting effects everywhere (also as extreme weather situations or natural catastrophes). For this reason Muc-Off has joined in the fight to conserve our planet and provide not only for our fans and customers but anyone and everyone with the opportunity to help save our planet.


Muc-Off will be tracking the progress online keeping a tally of each tree they have protected. They will even publish images of the trees and release information about each trees’ location and the impact on air, water and biodiversity. Treems guarantee the protection of the trees by installing threefold protection – legal, physical and social.


Having picked and saved each tree Muc-Off will be sharing them too! Muc-Off’s MD Alex Trimnell – a top bloke who has always ensured eco friendly products are at the heart of any product development – claims – “At Muc-Off we want to reach out to as many people as possible and help to educate the world on the importance of saving our valuable and delicate ecosystem. We’re confidant that working with Treems we can achieve this goal”


It’s clear that both Muc-Off and Treems want to share their enthusiasm and passion with people around the globe and together make the world a better place. They truly believe that this partnership will achieve just that and what better place to start than saving our life insurance: trees!


So make a difference today and start living by Muc-Off’s motto – ‘Banish Grime, not the planet!’