If you haven’t watched the motocross movie FEAR NOT then check out this sweet Arnaud Tonus full segment…

The Arnaud Tonus segment is the first segment in film that has been claimed as the first motocross film to unify motocross on both sides of the pond.

In this segment you can see why Tonus is regarded as one of the sports most talented riders as well as being one of the sports most humble characters.


To see more, the film is available on: iTunes for just £6.99, on Google Play you can save a quid at only £5.99 and if Vimeo floats your boat, grab a copy for under £7 with their on demand service. If old school DVD collecting is what you need then head over to motoxcinema.

Making a movie like this costs big time and if we want to see talented film makers to continue to push motocross to a wider audience, show it in its best light and give it the exposure it really deserves, then we should all put our support behind it.

That’s my hard sell over, I’ll keep my review short: Honestly, if you haven’t seen it yet you’re missing out. I’ve watched it four times already and it’s a must buy – add it to your motocross movie collection this weekend.