Kemea Yamaha’s Vsevolod Brylyakov was dealt an injury blow at his home grand prix in Russia on May 1. Now the team have revealed the MX2 rider will undergo surgery in Moscow.

Brylyakov had to withdraw from the last race in Orlyonok when he caught his left leg on a rut and twisted his knee, resulting in a broken Talus and a torn ACL ligament that will require surgery.

The 22-year-old will have surgery in Moscow where the team say he will rehabilitate under the watchful eye of his trusted surgeon, Dr. Sergey Demin at the Moscow Military Hospital.


“I can’t explain the feeling I have right now,” said Brylyakov in a press release. “The weekend in Russia was amazing, my speed was there and everything was going perfect. I was fourth in the qualifying race, I was feeling faster and more confident with every ride on the bike. To have your season ruined by something as stupid as putting your leg down in a wave section and twisting your knee, I can’t believe my luck. It is such a bummer.

“I just need to look at the positives now, and that is that I know I am a fast healer and that it is nothing that I haven’t been through before. I don’t want to think about the time it will take to heal, I just want to focus on healing up as well and as fast as I can, and we will see when I can be back.”

“I already feel confident in his recovery process, as he will use the same doctor that repaired his shoulder last year and the results from that were outstanding,” said Yamaha Motor Europe MX Racing Manager, Erik Eggens. “From here, the most important thing is that Vseva makes a full recovery, and from there we will see when he can return to racing.”

Kemea Yamaha Official MX2 Team Owner, Hans Corvers, is so disappointed for a hard-working Brylyakov. “Now I just hope that he can make a strong recovery and hopefully be back before the end of the season. He deserves the opportunity to show the world his speed and his strength,” he said.

An update on his return to racing will be published when available.