Although Thomas Covington still has one year left on the age rule, he will return to the States with Husqvarna, at the request of title sponsor Rockstar we understand, to step into the boots vacated by Zach Osborne in the 250 class.

Covington, who won the world MX2 qualifying race in France today, said he plans to get as many wins under his belt before he heads back to the states to take on Supercross early in 2019.

Zach – the 2010 British MX2 champion – has pointed-out in the 250s at the end of the season after three titles in the last year-and-a-half.


We’ve heard that the Husky MX2 GP operation will move under the IceOne awning with Mikkel Haarup doing GPs full-time.

It is unclear whether Thomas Kjer Olsen is contracted to the factory or Jacky Martens.