Today’s Fiat Professional MXGP of Lombardia hosted amazing racing and followed by the important announcement of a new stop for the series next year, the 2019 MXGP of Hong Kong.

The announcement, made just after the qualifying races, was given by Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo, who was joined by FIM Europe President, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS Director, Tony Skillington, Moonmoto Hong Kong CEO and organizer of the MXGP of Hong Kong, Ashley Zeak Yutt Sauk, and Moonmoto Hong Kong Partner, Pier Carlo Bottero.

The event that will be in the MXGP Calendar for three years starting from 2019 was announced as one of the 20 rounds planned for the 2019 season and will be scheduled together with the 2019 MXGP of China in Shanghai.


Known as a strong economic, trade, and financial centre in the world’s largest motorcycle market, Hong Kong is a great location to add to the list of spectacular venues of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The collaborative effort made by Youthstream, the FIM, and the organiser ensure that the new round will be among the top events in the 2019 calendar.

Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream President: “MXGP is growing in many aspects, racing is amazing, facilities and paddock are more and more outstanding and the interest from national organisers is increasing year by year showing the rise of our championship all over the world.

“I’m really pleased about the agreement we reached with Ashley Zeak Yutt Sauk for the Organisation of the MXGP of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the greatest places in Asia and to bring MXGP in this fantastic city is something unique. I wish to thank Moonmoto Hong Kong and Ashley Zeak Yutt Sauk for the Organisation of this prime event.”

Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President: “It’s always a big pleasure to be here with Youthstream to announce these big events. South East Asia is growing and the interest in motocross is getting amazing there, to be there with Motocross World Championship is incredible. From experience we know the cooperation will bring to big success especially for the growth of the sport. This is why I’m very happy to be here with all of you to make this great event possible.”

Tony Skillington, FIM/CMS Director: “We are a world championship sport and it is very important to go to this new country. This is a fantastic place to be. On behalf of the FIM I wish to congratulate our promotion partner Youthstream for its great job. We are very excited to go there next year and I wish the best to all of the people involved for this new challenge.”

Ashley Zeak Yutt Sauk, Moonmoto Hong Kong CEO and organiser of the MXGP of Hong Kong: “I’m very happy to be here in Italy attending this MXGP in Ottobiano and I’m very proud to announce MOONMOTO LTD will host MXGP in Hong Kong, the wildest sport in one of the best areas in the world.

“MOONMOTO is working hard to make the best event ever in Hong Kong, we are expecting a lot of public and attention from local authorities. The MXGP of Hong Kong will be a huge event and people from Hong Kong will simply be enthusiastic. The Support for all riders and teams will be immense and all foreigners will enjoy our hospitality. A special thanks goes to Giuseppe Luongo, Wolfgang Srb and Tony Skillington to believe in our project. If you dream it you can make it.”

Pier Carlo Bottero, Moomoto Hong Kong Partner: “The MXGP of Hong Kong will be definitely a great event. Hong Kong hosts Formula E and Motoccross as Motorsports events, so we could choose the best location for this MXGP. I wish to thank Giuseppe Luongo, Ashley Sauk and the FIM to make all this possible.”