Yesterday, REVO Husqvarna’s Mel Pocock was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour for an incident in EMX250 race one in Russia. Now Youthstream has released the footage that shows the reason for disqualification.

Pierre Goupillon (#720) ploughed into the back of Pocock, sending the British rider cartwheeling down the side of the jump. Pocock collected himself off the Russian dirt and confronted the Frenchman, pushing his KX250F off the track but held himself back from any further action.

Pocock charged hard to get himself back in the points only to be later disqualified, losing two championship points in the process. Pocock told us after the race that the back end of his bike had been wrecked in the crash.


We’re told that Goupillon had already been warned in practice for bad conduct and when quizzed on this latest incident he apparently told the FIM he had lost control.

The former EMX250 champion was unable to hold on to his red plate in Russia with team-mate, Martin Barr, now holding the EMX250 series lead. But with eight rounds still to go there is plenty of racing left to be done.