Two MXGP stars have been left furious after their helmets were stolen on Saturday at the MXGP of Lombardia.

Both Max Anstie and Jeremy van Horebeek have fallen victim to helmet thefts. Anstie had his Shoei lid taken while Van Horebeek had his Airoh helmet lifted while in the Qualifying race.

And understandably they’re not too happy about it.


“HELMET STOLEN TODAY,” wrote Anstie on Instagram. Steady day today p10 in quali race, felt a bit rusty after my crash last week but looking forward to it tomorrow – on another note someone bloody stole my helmet!!!!

“I only have 2 and I’m gonna be wearing one of them. So if anyone sees my helmet floating about tomorrow go and get it back for me – I’ll give a shirt to anyone that brings my helmet back.”

To say Van Horebeek was furious is probably an understatement and he certainly didn’t hold back. “I feel sad to say it but really I’m sick of the Italian people right now! But luckily not All Italians are like that,” he posted.

“Every GP in Italy they steal my stuff! Today my helmet from Argentina was stolen while I was trying to give my all in quali heat. I would like to say if this is the only reason why you come to a MXGP race please stay f**king home!

“I hope if you ever wear the helmet karma Will do his job!! Not only the helmet was stolen also a full gear for the GP of Italy so really feel bad about it but It’s always the same here! I’m sick of it!”

Anstie was one of the first to comment on the Belgian’s Instagram post. “F**k me I had the same!!!!”

Many Italian motocross fans have commented too, with one rightly pointing out that it’s not just a problem in Italy: “I’m sorry, but not all of us are like that … People like this are everywhere.”

While others felt they had to apologise on behalf of the Italian nation: “As [an] Italian I’m saying sorry for every honest Italian person…cause trust me: not every Italian is a son of a…”

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