Conrad Mewse has been tipped as the next Brit to win an GP crown since winning the 85cc world championship in 2013.

The phenomenally talented lad from Somerset got promoted to the MX2 class last year after winning the opening EMX250 round, when his teammate Thomas Covington was injured. 

His 2017 MX2 season didn’t start well, and at one point he was sent home by team manager Jacky Martens to re-group. We spoke to Conrad just after that and he said how important it was for him to feel happy away from the track to get the best out of himself on track. It’s easy to forget that he’s still just 18-years old at the start of the season.


His results have steadily improved and in Sweden Conrad had his best result of the year holding third in qualifying for half the race then taking 4-8 moto finishes and fourth overall. We spoke with him after the GP to find out what’s helped him find his mojo again 

DBR: Conrad, a fantastic weekend for you, great qualifying then two strong races.

CM: Yeah obviously it was a big improvement for us but I’m so disappointed. I was joint third overall and I just lost it on the last few laps. I gave everything I had, I couldn’t have done more. I came home with a fourth and eighth so I’m happy with that, two solid results and we’re going in the right direction so now I’m looking forward to the next round

DBR: You had a flying start and were in third in the first race and it was only Seewer and Jonass that passed you, then you passed Leiber when he crashed. In the second race, you were just as fast and passed three riders and only lost a place to Paturel. It seemed like starts were key this weekend? 

CM: Yeah, in the second race I didn’t get quite such a good start, I pushed all race and made a few passes then Benoit (Paturel) passed me with a few minutes to go and that was that. But we had a good weekend, we’ve achieved more than what our goal was so overall, I’m happy

DBR: We spoke to you in Ernee after a slow start to your season and you said then how important it was for you to be happy, and spend time with your family. Since then your season has got steadily better so have you changed something on the home front that’s made a difference? 

CM: No changes, we’re just sticking to the plan. I’ve got a good routine going, I’m pushing myself to the absolute max in the week. When I’m riding we’re banging out motos every single day and our routine is just on point. Everything is on time and going perfectly, we’ve got everything in the right place and I’ve got good people around me and it’s just paid off in the last couple of rounds, so we’re gonna keep on improving from here and hopefully get a podium before the end of the season. 

DBR: The next race in America is gonna be sandy and hot, are you looking forward to a new track?

CM: Yeah for sure. Wherever we go now for the rest of the season my head is in the right place, so whether I do like the track or I don’t like the track we’re gonna get the best out of the weekend, two solid motos every weekend! I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and finishing it off really strong.

DBR: The MXoN team was announced this week and obviously you and Ben Watson were candidates for the 250 ride. Social media has been on fire and most of the controversy has been about Tommy riding the 250. What do you think about the reaction?

CM: I try not to read it. As much as I want to, there’s a lot of negativity out there. The team he’s picked is a very strong team; we all know, and everyone knows even if they don’t like to admit it, Tommy is unbelievable on a 250 and for sure he will do team GB proud at the motocross of nations. 

I would’ve obviously loved to race it especially being the home one, the same as every other rider. I didn’t really help myself with the results at the start of the year. For sure I wouldn’t want to be in Mark Chamberlain’s shoes making the decision but he’s picked a very strong team and I wish them all the best for the nations. 

DBR: Thanks Conrad, good luck for the rest of the season.