The whole BOS GP team were really motivated on the race day at the MXGP of Europe in Valkenswaard with the focus on Evgeny Bobryshev while Jordi Tixier continued his recovery from a hand injury.

And after some little modifications during the warm-up, everybody was ready for Race 1.

The jump out of the gate wasn’t the best for Evgeny and he had to go wide open on the outside line to get back in the mix.


Sadly, the bike went sideways, he did hit one rider and the Russian rider was down after only a few meters. Luckily for him, there was no serious damage to his body. But luckless Searle was left with a broken collarbone.

“I tried to regroup and get back in the fight but it took only a few meters to realise I didn’t have a front lever anymore,” Evgeny revealed. “I did my best to come back out front, but I crashed two more times – trying a little bit too much.”

Finishing in 23rd position left Evgeny without any points for the opening moto and more bad luck was waiting for the team in moto two.

“It was not easy to prepare everything in time with frozen water in the Karcher, handguards to mount and the sand trying to enter everywhere,” explained Dominique Alleaume (long time Mechanic of Evgeny). “We are now dialled and everybody knows what to do.”

The gate dropped in the second moto and this time Evgeny found a good opportunity on the inside and came back 11th after one lap.

The Suzuki rider push hard, looking for the best lines on the gnarly sand circuit and after a few laps, he’s sitting in 12th, with a group of three riders in front of him, and a comfortable margin behind.

But suddenly, in the whoops section, the RM-Z450 stopped and wouldn’t restart.

“It’s a shame ’cause I was feeling good at this moment of the race, but it’s part of racing. Let’s focus on Spain now,” said Evgeny.

“We don’t know what happened and it’s a big surprise after a complete winter without any problem,” said BOS GP team owner. “We will analyse what did happen as soon as possible and we will work on this to never happen again!”

There’s no time to rest with BOS GP heading to Spain for Round Three of the FIM Motocross World Championship at RedSand MX Park near Valencia on March 24/25.