Since returning from Indonesia Evgeny Bobryshev has been unable to ride and train due to an ongoing knee injury. But despite the pain, the hardy Russian gritted his teeth and travelled to Locket to race the MXGP of the Czech Republic.

It would be a tough weekend but Bobby was determined to perform for his BOS GP team. With a large dose of painkillers, Bobryshev was able to score 15th position in Saturday’s qualification race.

With more pain after Saturday’s action, Bobby was unsure of how well he could ride, but a decent start in race one saw him finish lap one in 12th position. Evgeny was able to move as high 10th place on lap two as he traded places with Romain Febvre and Jeremy Seewer.


As the race stabilised the BOS GP pilot dropped back into 12th place as the two Yamaha riders moved forwards. For the next 10 minutes of the moto Bobby led a pack of hungry racers that included Tommy Searle, Shaun Simpson and Todd Waters. With 13 minutes left on the clock, Tommy Searle looked to make an aggressive on the Russian and the pair came together leaving Bobby on the ground. The hard hit he took in this incident meant that Evgeny was unable to finish the moto.

Once again Bobryshev lined up to the gates despite the pain he was experiencing. As race two got underway he made several passes to cross the line for the first time in 12th place. Bobby battled for the whole moto passing the likes of Kevin Strijbos, Shaun Simpson, a downed Tommy Searle, and Ivo Montecelli to climb as high as 10th place. But with two laps to go the mixture of pain, medication and fatigue meant that Bobby dropped a couple of places to finish the race in 12th position. His DNF-12 scorecard gave 16th overall.

Bobryshev remains 12th in the championship, just one point behind 11th. “I’ve been off the bike for two weeks since Indonesia, I hurt my knee again in the second race there,” Bobby explained. “So coming into this weekend I really didn’t know what to expect. I went to the medical centre on Saturday and I found out that I’ve done some damage to the ligaments in my knee. It’s been painful and swollen but I decided to ride.

“I’ve been taking a lot of painkillers over the weekend but the pain just got worse on Sunday after riding all day Saturday. I could barely do the warm up session, I was worried, but I kept it in my mind that I was going to try and race. Because of all the painkillers, I was taking I was also feeling quite sick by the end of the motos.

“The first moto started okay, I was in 11th. But then we had the incident with Searle. Tommy came real quick from the inside and didn’t leave any room so we touched and I went down. It was a bit dirty but he apologised afterwards and I took that, it was just a motocross racing accident and he said he didn’t mean to do it. But I did go down hard and I hurt my knee again so I pulled in from that race

“I wasn’t sure if I could do the second moto but again I took the painkillers and that released my pain for a bit and I was able to do okay in the final moto. I was running 10th for a while but for the final 10 minutes I started feeling sick from the medicine and I was also getting tired for sure after not riding since Indonesia.

“I’m going to see the doctor this week to see what we can do for the future and the rest of the season.”