The organising club behind the now axed MXGP of Sweden admits that a cut of funding is behind the cancellation of the Uddevalla Grand Prix.

Youthstream earlier today announced that the event would no longer go ahead but offered no explanation as to why other than to say cryptically “due to last minute changes”.

Thanks to eagle-eyed Dirt Bike Rider reader, Adam Wiegandt, who pointed us to a news outlet in Sweden, we now understand that a cut in funding from the Uddevalla Municipality is the cause behind those last minute changes.


The club, BMK Uddevalla, say that negotiations between Youthstream and the Uddevalla Municipality have been ongoing since August last year.

BMK Uddevalla completely agreed on how the contract would look like for the next three years and that the cooperation that they have received from Youthstream over the years has been very good, but critically, financial support from the Uddevalla Municipality would be significantly less than previous years.

And it’s not a small reduction at 50-60 per cent less than previous agreements.

So as not to jeopardise the club’s future activities the decision was made not to sign a new contract.

BMK Uddevalla is disappointed with the outcome. They point out that the Grand Prix supports the wider community, brings revenue to the city and “Uddevalla is put on the map” for a World audience.

I’m gonna have meatballs for tea and then shop at Ikea to help bring the Swedish GP back. How about you lot?

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