In the second MX2 race at the MXGP of Asia last week Bas Vaessen found himself caught up in a high-speed crash on the start straight after Thomas Kjer Olsen fell in front of Vaessen.

With nowhere to go, Vaessen was catapulted high in the air and then fell heavily to the Indonesian dirt. And if that wasn’t bad enough, his bike then landed on him.

Vaessen reported later that he had no feeling from the neck down for four minutes before regaining movement. He was thankfully able to walk off the circuit under his own steam but he still hadn’t recovered full feeling in his arms.


After his 12 hour flight back from the MXGP of Asia, Vaessen attended the hospital in Amsterdam and following extensive medical examinations, MRI and CT scans, he has been diagnosed with a slight fracture to C6 vertebrae.

Bas has 100 per cent movement and feeling in his legs but will be wearing a neck brace for six weeks. Full recovery of the feeling in his arms should come back in a few weeks, the team reports.

Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee said they are thankful for all the help with Bas over the last few days. In particular, they want to thank Gautier Paulin who quickly lifted the bike off Bas after the crash.

Everyone at Dirt Bike Rider wishes Bas all the best in his recovery.

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