Fresh on heels of the split from the ACU yesterday, Michelin MX Nationals are out with their first shake-up.

The series organiser has announced that for 2018, 250 two-stroke machinery will be allowed to compete in all adult classes.

The move falls in line with changes at World and European level and they feel it’ll be welcomed by fans and riders alike.


“I feel like this is a necessary step forward for the series going into 2018, said MX Nationals series director, Paul Irwin.

“With the recent resurgence in two-stroke racing over the last couple of years and the likes of James Dunn making history in the EMX250, I feel like now is the perfect time to make the rule change.”

Pro MX2 Rider Lewis Tombs offered his thoughts on the change: “I think it’s good that 250 two-strokes can now race in the MX2 Class at the Michelin MX Nationals.

“Hopefully it will encourage more people to enter and we start to see 40 riders on the line.

“Both four-stroke and two-stroke have their benefits, but one may be a bit more cost effective for some people.

“We’ve seen the rule change in Canada, Australia, Holland to name a few – I think it’s positive the MX Nationals are doing the same.”

The Michelin MX Nationals say all other classes will be staying the same as 2017 for 2018.