Yesterday FMX fans around the world started hearing the terrible news that Eigo Sato had passed away.

Although DBR hadn’t heard an official announcement, the overwhelming numbers of reports couldn’t be ignored and we mentioned the sad news on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

With the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour due to start in about a weeks time on March 8 in Mexico – Eigo and the other X-Fighters were in the final stages of training and preparation.


Details on the accident aren’t clear, but we understand that Eigo died after succumbing to injuries from under rotating a backflip. We’re sure when the investigation into the events have concluded we will find out more.

A Red Bull athlete and FMX star, Eigo Sato was one of the best and most liked freestylers in the world. An extremely kind and friendly personality, always happy and helpful is how he was described and it wasn’t hard to see why. The FMX rider from Japan was different than many of the other riders – not just his riding style, but his approach to the course. He was always pushing himself on with true Samurai spirit but at the same time showing utmost respect to his rivals.

Only recently Red Bull X-Fighters confirmed the tour is expanding into new destinations – including Eigo’s home country of Japan. We’ve had no news from Red Bull about any change to the Mexico date but no doubt it’s going to be a difficult time for all his friends and fellow riders on tour.

Social networks were full of messages for the much-loved and respected FMXer including tweets from other riders:

RIP Eigo San: Oct 30, 1978 – February 28, 2013