Crookwood motocross track was due to be used for two national events this season but those series have been forced to look for alternative venues after the council shut down the track.

It’s reported that local residents were unhappy with noise levels and complained to the local council.

Councillor Chris Saunders told the Gazette and Herald that there are more suited sites to be found in less populated areas. “The benefit is minute while the cost of disturbance is unbearable over the days of the event.”


As well as noise and disturbance, residents also expressed concerns over emergency vehicles access and fears over the growing popularity of motocross events.

By a unanimous vote, the Eastern Area Planning Committee removed development rights at the farm with immediate effect.

This will stop any future events until official planning permission is granted.

Motocross event organisers must now apply for planning if they wish to use the farmland.

“The Government want farmers to diversify more so why not motocross?” said Crookwood framer, Mr Harris. “There at many shops in the area that supply motocross equipment and they all contribute to taxes.”

Both the Michelin MX Nationals and the Judd KTM British Youth National Championship were scheduled to have rounds at Crookwood this season.

Crookwood was going to be the final round for the MX Nationals in early September while the BYN were scheduled on May 12/13 for round three. News on replacement venues will be announced soon.

Update: British Youth National Championship has announced a replacement venue for Crookwood.